Subject: Philanthrophotogenocidic Emulsification of the Species And other Short Stories
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 17:25:17 EST

Yes ! By Mozey, I think I'm getting this semi-cyphered.
PlayTechtonics at work for liesure.
Almost missed the first load until you did remind me to check,
Way awesome, I even walked them thru the photo lab,
Food just arrived,

Subject: Non-selective Ill Literacy, in so many words
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 23:31:49 EST

I thought I had a nice little poetically violated message nearly sent,
Then I must have hit the "You Must Have Done Something Stupid " button.
All was lost..,
Thus I found myself outside by the fire again
Henceward smoldering, Huffing and Puffing.
To return again to a beginning...

So here the Hell I am !
How the Hell are you !?

Me First !!!

Had An X-ray photo and a Blood-drawing today,
After i reminded my dr. He had ordered the x-ray,
He decided to look at it,
Why Not ?
( We were all on Company Time )
Looks Good !

Mike, your turn...
Love the images of forgotten pre-memories
Captured moments
Of Youth and Freedom

Me, Me, Me..!

They gave me a Get Out of Jail Free card
Put me on Hard Drugs for the Battle
And refills for Non-recreational use only stuff
For non-emergencies or improbabilitation.

Hey, Sweet, Sweet Tunes !
Really need the laughs you send our way,
I'll try to wait 'til you're working
To pick up my PACK/vike game numbers, Eh?

Glad you asked !..
I haven't an answer, but I love the attention.

My brother Thomas, sister Steph, brother chicky, sister annie, brother Eddie,sister Patricia
brother Dan and sister Barbara, and any I may have missed..,
Mom looked really good, Bev and I stopped by after my treatment.
She said I looked good too...
It was nice knowing we each meant it.

Well, HarleyFox, that Hog have four wheel drive ?

Might have sent a few multiple echoes to some adressees,
Sorry, even in silence I repeat myself.

Great Love,

We were all on Company Time)

Subject: Where were we ?
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 17:26:04 EST

Good Heavens !
To see into the past as a present...
A gift given after taken ?

Need to R.&R.,
Yesterday was kinda hard on me,
It's not all a walk in the Park.

Feel Free to Fill my Files...


Subject: Come Again..?
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 14:22:49 EST

Ceaselessly amozeated,
Miles of memories of miles.
Looking back at looking forward.
Time, another rule to break.

Gonna free up the phone, for now...
Remember, all the time you pointed at ME,

Ha Ha !

This has really been great !

( I want to do an oil-drawing of
the Reflection on a Puddle )


Subject: Fear of Fulfilment?
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 00:25:58 EST

No mere visitors in the dark
I have seen those faces,
But where ?

Where the shadows whisper
The Sun's silence is brilliant !
One Awakens last in Dreams.

God used to be a Legal Drug

...I think,


Subject: Unrepentant Trangressions
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 02:15:03 EST

The Colossus of Moze...
Beautiful work, as always.

Have I lost the Way in it's pursuit ?
Was the chase it's own quarry ?

Clear out your stamp scraps,
I'm reorganizing and enjoying
Self-Philately lately.
I've got envelopes you "Correosed"
Though perfume no longer lingers

Time for my non-recreational goodnight doses



Subject: The Eyes Have It, Time and Space May Intermerry...
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 15:04:33 EST

Paulie's touching the hands-off machine !
Paulie's touching the " Ouch ! ".
"Shuttup, Pinhead, she's cooking something in wine,
You can always tell,
She sings along to the Weather Channel."

Do we steal from the past
If it was freely given ?

If I'd have carried my guitar half as far as your vision
That would have been something,
Soon it may be my turn to say...
" More Coming..!"

Til then it's a struggle sometimes,
Chemo can be every bit as bad as they say,
And I'm still in the Doin' Good catagory,
You're Mozic to my eyes and soul !


Cup,puphup,dup,scup,sup,yup,heads up ?
You went places I didn't know I was with,
Saw faces in mist and myth
When Black and White was not a lack of color

I noticed I never really posed as such,
I just never moved fast enough to create a blur.

Goin' for a smokes,

Great Love,


Subject: Bedeckled Glimmerings
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 04:23:11 EST

A sudden burst of silence stills the night
" It's always the quiet ones, they say..."

lived a lot of good lives, Mother
See what the pictures say,
Some seem to look back at you,
Others look away .

Legacy of a treehouse in decay
Of a rocky forest hideaway
Smoking by the tracks
And frogging in the cow pond..,
The simple yesterday
Simply Come and Gone.

Better Fuzzy up for the couch...

Gonna take a couple pick hit pics
Down to show Mom, If we can make it
She's back home, now.

Hasta E-Mana,

Padugius Flaccidicus

Subject: Re: Crude Energy
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 17:42:04 EST

" Wow ! "
That was a message nice to hear...
I just sent Moze a copy before I started this.

He'll be glad to hear it,
He understands us,
A key player in a game called " No Quits "

Gotta get going on my practice therapy,
Push down de strings...
Push UP de strings...
Yaa, you gotta it now !
Keep going ! I vill follow !

Seriously, 15 mins. a day would even help.
We'll get there,
Given Time,
And maybe a couple walkers.

This webwideworld
Intriguing or mundane
Intent on Prosecution
Protecting the insane

As private as a bath in the Ganges
A secret public relations job ?
The beginning of the eternal Ending of Creations progenitals ?
I don't get it..!
Is this one of those trick psycho tests ?
Fergit IT ! I'm no provert,
I'm just related to everyone !

By now, you're eyes should be getting sleepy...
So very heavy, HHEEAAVVYY....
( tick, tock, tick tock..)


When you awaken,
You will think immediately
Wow, it's been too long since I sent Paul a nice E-mail !
He's such a swell guy !
Think I'll just pat him on the back and say
Gee, you're such a swell guy !

When you hear my bones creaking you will awaken...

Subject: Re: Calls in the middle of the night
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 05:13:17 EST

My, someone was up late tonight weren't they ?
More nice shots there, Mozetron Man.
Oly, you'll love these
They are what we were
We are who they were...

I been noticing how we had a habit of ignoring Mike when he held a camera,
( As he did our guitars ? )
Sparks are going to fly upwind,
Salmon spawn downstream,
After all,
It's OUR dream,
And we ain't done faking the rules

If I don't go to bed pretty soon it won't be the late news anymore.
I'm not too confused ...
You might be having breakfast now
As I eat my Last Supper,
Tonight it's tapioca.

Aren't you glad this isn't a real phone call ?
When I start babbling you can just push the Mute button..,
Which is right next to the Don't push That button.
This one over here I haven't a clue
looks like Arabic to me

Looks like Greek to me !
Possibly Pig-Latin.

Paulopius The Winded often said...
" The penny you find might be someones paycheck"
" Most Leftovers are fresher than Nothing. "
" Even a mosquito has feelings...
If you hit'em hard enough.."

" Why a Word to the Wise, if they're THAT good ? "
" White Holes are jealous indeed..."
" Sometimes a dead frog just sits there..."
" Clothes are most desired by the least becoming."

" Respect your Elders,
They probably make YOU look good ! "
" The older the car, the more it wants to go in reverse..."
" It is often Wise to play Stupid..."

" When at loss for words, pray someone else don't find them..."
" The alarm clock knows the peak of your dreams..."
" When Lost it helps to go back..?"
" When your feet fall asleep,
It is time to give your friends a rest..."

C"mon people,
It hurts to have your E-mail come back
" Return To Sender "

I'm so desperate I have
" Occupant " on my list of favorite places.
I have to get my Spam on E-Bay..,
I lay all day at the door waiting for the dog to let me out...
It's bad, just ask...
I'm not one to mince words,
But I have a Roto-Rooter that can sure twist'em...

Better leave before I start making things up..!

Ever the Mime,


Subject: Loose Ends and Things That Need Dusting
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 12:30:09 EST

Wholly Mozez, Did I get it ?
I,m comepletely dumb-swallowed.
Very moving pictures, indeed.

I,m still waiting on some color ink
So I'm a little behind printing,
But it'll be fun to catch up.

I plan on putting these chronic-illy
Into to some random order.
( MIne are all hard copy),
It will be groovin' to watch it grow,
Should have had the Chief pick up more paper,
May need to annex the next room for editing.

Time for another page of Music,
Neglect can become habit...
I would like to get something substantial down
While I am still a man of Substance...

Time drifting on the smoke,
An illusion of stars and water
Pretends a direction.

If I'm at a loss,
Did I have a destination ?

'Nough said,
Time to Philatelize in my sticker book.

May your pipe be full,
padugi the last

Subject: Photogolism In Neo-Modern Revivalistic Indifferentiation
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 02:34:46 EST

Again in a swaverance of time
Places emerge, daunting in their lure.
Hueless I wait for the tone to be set.

I'm collecting all kinds of red x-squares on this screen
Maybe I'll win something...

Oly's fired up on his end
But my direction may be tangent for awhile
Raise some sparks from the ashes
Raise hands around the fire

Or just sit around and fart around ?
Good enough for the likes of me...

Got two reams of paper today,
Inks in the mail,
And Bev got me a nice stapler for my collating
And plagiarizignating our Collections.

The Boys will sure enjoy that duophoted viewsualization.

I thought you should have been nominated
For Best Short Film of the Year
Maybe I coulda got best actor ?

Mon. is my next treatment,
Should know something,someday...

Don't mind me,
I'm on a near beer drunk
And overtime on a bowl
It's too late to try my new stapler,
It's heavier duty than her sissy one,
Had to sign a three day waiting period to shoot it...
So, I think I'll go lick and stick in my picture book instead.
It's a lot of fun for the whole family,
When I'm the only one up.

A guy you don't know got fired where I work,
That's pretty much it for local news.

Might be time to investsome time on arranging a time
To take some time to have A LAUNCH !!!
Balsa calls my name...
I hear her echo again...
Ramon, Ramon !
( I lied about my name )

If i wander aimlessly I musn't be Lost !
Look ! There's the secret Mark !
It still smells like shit...

Tis near the hour, if not past the day,


Subject: On Deciding to Make up My mind, I think., sorta...
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 01:15:33 EST

My autobiographer said I was an unreliable witness
I think I saw him yesterday ?

Those two rocketoid relapses were beautiful,
Everything so natural,
We all appear to look so US,
A day in the days that were.

My Doctor modified the formula this time,

Sorry your work led you into Detroitment at this early moon
Doc should be coming up today( Tue )
Nice to have someone to medicate and meditate
Wish you were here,too

Long days ahead
The Black and Whites
And The Blues
Done,yet overdue ?

Longer letters later
If I don't shirk


Subject: Name change to protect the indigent
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 01:17:33 EST

Take Two...
Test number one was a dud,

My new address is;

Subject: lost pictures
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 16:01:15 EST

Hi mike we seemed do have lost any & possibly all messages & pic sent the last couple of weeks. Were trying to figure out how alll this works on new server, there,s a lot of aol. stuff in here that makes it confusing doc ps pbg is sitting here too

Subject: Abstained...
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 16:50:18 EST

In regard to your persistent disrepetudes, spontaneous outbursts of introversion in publicated disregard...
I salute you !

Seem to get some of the last stuff
I think the Jasc shop trial expired too,
That was fun

Well, mikey
Change of plans for a while
Going to do the radiation approach

Up early tomorrow
later soon


Subject: Re: Spam(NOT) Intended
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 16:31:29 EST

Okay, I guess I'll try again sometime or twoo.
Philatelating myself and need my printer for a few minutes
E-Ya later,

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 23:16:08 EST

I pressed m to begin an inquiry into Models ( Revell-Monogram )
Up on the send to hit list pops The Infamous Duckworks address
So what the waste not,


Subject: (no subject)
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 23:31:45 EST

Whhen I got was done looking at Jeff's,
It was GONE!
Getting flustlatered
Never again...
At least until later

Rachkicht Fokker Div.
Flat-Earth Nongrvitational Suciety,
Padugi The Late,

Subject: In this rig there's room for two...
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 00:43:03 EST

Nice letter, Oly, well thought out and considerate.
It would do my world good
To ride a little longer, what better destination than the Mighty Moze.

Have Strings,
Will Travel.

Mike, you haven't seen my nose-cone for Big Bertha have you?
Bev and I saw like a humonjo duty job at the Not Really Toys store,
That looked like it could launch a school bus
The way it looks out there now , it might be cheaper to by a small plane
Than a model rocket

Haven't read Mikey's note I saw waiting,
So off I go,
Going off, Off...


Subject: Tag... You're it
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 00:53:55 EST

Radiation weekdays at two o:clock usually home by four.
I can tube my can of food at the coffee table playing with my toys,
So it's ptretty tolerable.

Steve gilman stopped and said hello this evening, Jeff came up for a couple a beers yesterday, so it's not terribly lonely all the time.
Just ran out of smoke today and am looking at about five weeks
Before I can afford to remedy that.
Seeds will take a while, but I definitely want to pursue that avenue..
Couple more mails to work over, so see or byte me at your convenience.


Subject: Of none or little interest
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 12:30:00 EST

See if'n I can get this durn fool gizmo to allow me a moment to broaden your boredom.
Haven't had much luck lately, won't even let me talk to myself.
Thank God it's not in control of my sex-toys...

I'm almost to the point of halfway to anywhere, destination unknown.
Microwaving the little weiner in my throat seems to be starting to work,
One in this condition relishes even a glimmer of hope...
After all, I really don't care to be going thru this Hell
So they can chalk it up to experience.

So far, from all these wonderful programs to help us thru they managed to get us
$10 a month in food stamps...
( I can only eat prescription canned food )
I'll have to ask Bev if toilet paper is considered food ?

Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement and occassional buzzes !
A lot of things I took for granted I can't take at all anymore.
Today was Good Friday, to me it was tolerable.

Looks like Spring may arrive in time for Fall, that's the good news.
( Sometimes I just have to make up good news )

Mikey, getting more and more excellent feedback on your tainted , oops, tinted genius.
Copies of some for mom, sister and even Steve H. wants some prints
He mentioned when he visited yesterday... Ten years or more ?

Gotta find my nose cone, parachute and shroud line for the Big Bertha I'm trying to prepare
Also have to refit my starwars rocket for intertrancendental flight.

This new servor doesn't like me me, If I download something
It'll rename it and hide it, found a dozen pictures last night to print, hidden in this chasm of confusion.

Anyone feel free to bother me back, it's only fair.
If you want me to quit, let me know so I can redouble my effort.

Fading out for the night,
One more beer and a little codeine and I should sleep alright...
Happy Holidays...


Subject: Anything at all is fine with me
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 14:18:08 EST

Thank you for the swift reply, Mary, I was hoping to get you sddress
so I can start teasing him into our little web of babblers and
word misprocessing.
Bev has the apartment full of plastic canvas doo-dads and holiday
partyphenalia, very girlie.

If you start getting some wierd ramblosity in your mail, you're probabbly
getting our Dud Poets Society stuff ! Just gamboling around letting each other know we are out here somewhere.
Now we'll teach your old boy how to play tag with us, and we'll keep him occupied for a while. Do you know how to download pictures that may be sent ?
I'll add what I have off my address book so you'll have what would otherwise
seem like suspect mail addresses at the top,

I made some copies of a few pictures he wanted to have, (one I use as my screensaver ), he thought it would be cute to show you he was once kinda cute and youngish. I'll send them to the West Salem Fortress bank where Bev's daughter works ( Kari Thill) and she'll have them anytime you want to pick them up.

Hope you keep in touch, or teach the the computer mutant howe easy it really is.
I've only been dabbling over a year, and mostly dedicate my time to my mail

Gonna add some addresses so they won't scare you when you see them,
Steve should recognize some, Like Joey's brother Doc, my brother Tom, Jeff olson,
For a start

We're fair weather flyers too, so some day down the road, weather permitting, we'll meet, I'm strange but harmless, and my wife is a sweetheart, which sounds like something you have in common already

Great Love,
( aka padugi )

Subject: Re: Anything at all is fine with me
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 03:48:41 EST

Couldn't get Ct1-43_01 to print ,
Got the earlier one of the Gang, though I made five
Half-sized copies by mistake , call it adrenaline.
Had a nice visit from Steve Howe ,
Gonna have to train him on the abuse of the mails ,
Welcome ...

Tunes, got a pick me up from Doug
Had to ask about the fx ... an enigma.
Look forward to next Thurs. if you work and I can play.

Oly, nice get together too, a few new old steps taken or pondered.
Steve G. stopped by, a n old chum of Jeff , Steve H and i)

Doc is here through thick and thin,
Such a kindred spirit.

litl bit let me know if this is too wierd and I'll seperate your address.

Ryan, she'll teach you how to talk in minutes, eh ? Stuzie ?

Being under housepital arrest,
Each of my personalities have too much time on my hands
The little shit adds up...
who's dog is sleeping with who...
The ten-o-clock six o-clock news
Soaps and pills
Babies bottom and Victorias tops

Thar's a strange smell in the wind
Even stronger than I , ( Phew )

Soon to gather the Fellowship...
Who will join amongst us
I'm amazed to hazard

Great Love , padugi

Subject: Easterly Highs
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 23:25:30 EST

as usual your card was in good taste and very timely.
My mails are getting all messed up,
Usually I have to put in mail-waiting to be -Lost file
Doc snuck me a snack, too, really takes the edge off
Isure don't remember the Hostess picture, how sweet.
I don't know which mails you never got
now my computer just crashed, said it lost connection again,
Driving me nuts , so I'm gonna try to send this much

Walking Stick

Subject: Persasperation and Advanced Agony
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 22:09:23 EST

T o Exhume It May Concern,
Dearly be leaving,
Iam gathered here today, and that should tick enough of you off.
so here i go, out for a smokes,
Back in a flush

Can't get Mikes picture again
( can't download while something is filig ? )
This damn thing is beginning to tighten my tenderloins,
And I have always loined for my tenders.

Ed wants to have venison roast cookig feast
He's hoping mike adn Mary H. would like to come, I have
find gilman over the phone, I think he'll like it too
Beat the bugs to the rivers edge
Bev would drop me off, then i'm on my own for a sleep-over,
then hithch back the next day
( people are pretty good picking you up
when you have a feed tube over ypur shoulders

Bev heard the last pop-top, said I better knock it off !
So I think I'll skulk outside to she goes to bed...

Dudley the Fearfully Domesticted

Subject: Ululations From Insanitery Alley
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 11:54:41 EST

Fianally got last nights mail off tonight, wierd two were sent and ok'd in aflash, the oter(s) seem to hang the time clock on send now and laugh.
Tomorrow and Thurs. are my last radiation treatments...
Looks like I may have slipped into the 66.6% that this helps.
And the residual effects may linger for 3 mos. more,
on the positive side, continuing to sshrink the blokage...
Works for me Buddies !

Don't know how soon they'll want to start the Chemo back up yet,
Hopefully they'll try to fatten me up some more
Pound a day, last two days !

time to start weaning back to the semisolid food,
Pear sauce tonight,
someday mashed potatoes

seem to have aquired a Little Brother, lately. Anice kid, 8 yrs. old with noone in the neighbohood his age. Now he's got our little Pug to pal with. I'm helping him
do his first plastic model, which he's already asked, " When it' done can I hang it at my house ? That was already the plan I had.

Our attention spans match pretty close now , anyway, .I still ain't on the crosscountry team...

The last two days have been very tolrable
The weather helped the aroma therapy
Sat ou in two partial afternoons and caught up Feb. and Marches daily crosswords,
Now I'm gonna start a Sun, grab a beer and enjoy this awesome ten o:clock

Greta Love , padugi

Subject: Impulsubjectionable Matriiality. For beginners
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 10:06:33 EST

To be honest this is always kind of awkward,
The tender moments of awakening or reasleeping your dreams.
Gotta feed my side now, or I would have wrote later, maybe still will... padugi

Subject: apicasa test run... 1, 2, 3...
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 10:42:07 EST

Okey dokey, here goes something.
Just like my other mail sthi is stale my by the time you'll get it ...
Waiting tobe sent when it good and well feels like it

today'sy last day f radiation, though it should keep working
for about the next three months. pretty good, off and on, I love the on, but could
live wiyout the off, damn pop-ups keep buttin' in too.
Not to sure that I'll like Walmart connect, even for the savings,

gonna go follow tour suggestion now

later, DuD

Subject: New old subject
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 21:07:01 EST

Moze, you're my first test... I went back for a fifty day retrial of aol.
Supposedly my new adrress is:
Let me know asap if it works better now...
Maybe now I can download the picasa site, walmart would never let me finish more than 70% or so and then lost connections to the real world of psycho-searching...
Gonna go and try to update my address book again, if this works...

Love us, padugi7

Subject: Re: old new subjects
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 14:37:37 EST

Bingo ! i thingk we're back in bondageness, feels right

No cd yrt, but the my casa es su casa worked fine, way too cool,
Like it said , there were photos in there i didn't even know about ( nor wanted )
so i unpictured them, yours are too nice to be next to their pretend shots.

Gonna go babysit and take the dog for a run in the country, spam you tonight ?

Miss you madly, nice to be back together... love me when you can, mine is yours and multiplying like money problems

ps , loved the card, and i'm not hinting about my birthday coming up either,
Be bad and i'll get better,

Big bad Woos

Subject: None of my Business
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 22:56:18 EST

Seems to be working just hunkeroonieious
That Trotwood ? takes one back a few times,eh?

Twice now I farted without having shat my pants
I think that's signifuckant progress for someone of my control
Still haven't found my nose-cone,
But Bev thinks she found the parachute today
to be verified tomorrow
I think i'll sniff another layer of balsa filler on the fins tonight

For my graduation from radiation the hospital gave me a balloon,
certificate and nice little cake... Sweet.
Haven't heard anything yet about Chemo , hopefully it'llbe
after my six week follow-up

Short attention span...
If you ever fly past, yell out the window !

Grampa G

Subject: Quest for April Fools
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 23:03:06 EDT

Getting somewhat updated, I think it's time for a stroll
Down " Morse The Merrier " Lane.
Gotta get april fools back on my Favorites
If i can finger that up.

Steve, I'll try to send you that address so you can have Mary show you howe to play
On this side of the street...

Feeling well enough to start doing some more chores around here,
Feels good to move around a little.
Gonna do pine needles tomorrow, wish there was a happier way to burn them...

Subject: Lost in hyperspace
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 01:16:29 EDT

Think i finally found mikey's site at plain ol' ?
Padugi was easy on google, I see it's been updated to reject the in no sents...
The guest book looks pretty active too, if you can read togolese
Peurtogeese, and a flock of other languages, it was fun...
Time to finally finish my book, the first i've finished
since leaving the hospital,
just ain't had the oomph,..
But Tom Clancy brings the joy back to reading...

Already asleep, so I think it's time for my nonrecreational sleeping pill...

More than you want tomorrow

Great love,
Missed youall for too long...
Arent' you lucky ? bye

Herr Rocket Focket

Subject: What do you think ?1?
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 21:51:18 EDT

Sure got your Cd, holy Mozez! What a trip !, and i haven't touched first base yet, just downloaded and found out where it went to.
What a treasure for so many of us, at least those lucky enough to be neaar when you were !
Need a nap big time, hopr to be back up yet tonight... thanks for the love and kindness you are...padugily yours...

Subject: Spamming you beats sleeping by myself
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 22:00:25 EDT

Got a photo Cd from mmorse that captured the last thirty years of my life,
when viewed as a slideshow
I can see it pass before my eyes...
Not necessarily a bad sign,
It makes me want to stick around for more.

If it's alright with you
I'll keep on fighting this,
For fight it is...

I feel blessed to have the support of such golden love,
Sometimes painkillers aren't enough.
Believe me, i'm trying not to exude self pity,
Though pitiful I am.
There are those truly much sicker than I,
with less or little at all to comfort them,..
Again I am most grateful

Now if I only had a big old log to put on the fire...

End of June my ship will come in
Supposedly, ( You Know The Gummint )
I've weeks vacation due
From last year
Which won't come 'til the end of this month
so for now we recycle the toilet paper,
hoping the coffee is good to the last drop,
And the power company stays on break.
Bills make excellent scratch paper, but bad toilet paper
( Nothing sticks to the glassy windows )

My new screensaver is, for now,
Apicture of myself launching a three foot model rocket
aptly named " Renegade ".

Gonna do some commercial E-mais now,
( Stampco. and Model Cos.)
So breathe easy 'til tomorrow,
I may strike again ,

The Padugiman, BOO!!!

Subject: Photoplasm and the American Wetdream
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 00:44:23 EDT

Another nice pair to draw to, moze old boy.
The one of Tom and I had to be the one you doctored up,
Makes it look like I was working,
Though not fast enough to cause a blur, I notice.

What's the deal with the one of Jeff & I?
Cooler than Pug snot on a hot day !
Nice to see a good sized shot of the old Motel, too.

I think Steve Gilman's address got melded with arab oaks',
Should be
But he gets a lot of mail so he needs a SUBJECT
( The nerve !), like your name ?
Myself I think mmorse says it all...

You must have sent the pics right after I hung up,
I didn't have any keepersat 9:30.
Are you still awake?

I'm between sleepy-do and semi-awake,
My day was both deep depression and high anxiety
Over shit beyond my control,
So we borrowed fifty from the bank to get my Valium and vicodone
And Bev's heart pills she NEEDS,
Beats a double funeral.

If you'd like We can talk about you guys someday, what's up and all that,
Just bear in mind my attention span is measured in seconds.

I'm beginning to not appreciate the fact that:
Bills travel at twice the speed of income...

Time to try a nap...
Too much grandbaby-sitting...

Great love ' The padugster

Subject: Inconfidential noncosequencial lunatification
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 00:13:57 EDT

Gonna blast off something just for spite.
Too late for a rocket
So I guess it might
Just as well be you.

Then I'm going back to my jigsaw puzzle i started today
try to finish it
So I can donate it to the group tables they have set up in the
Oncology Waiting room, Boo !

Getting fun to play with the fancy, purebred buttons now.

It'll never be the same !

Just gotta figure out how to stop them in time, sheesh
The computer has a mind of it's own,
Wish I did...

Great Love

The padugi like sustance called dudley...

Subject: or not
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 14:58:15 EDT

so much for hiding behind atree.. Peek- a-Pee,
I see thee.
It was a cigar, moze, though I was happy to see you ,too.

The picture of the driving while I had my permit
Looks beterr blown up
Proof the Earth moves, and I don't..
Looks i had my red card wiyh me,
hoping to tag along, South of thr Broaders,.

Had an excellent night at Eddie and Deb's,
Turned out just right,
Dinger showed up for some pufformation'
Eddie and Deb rotated duties to allow on or the other to dote on me.
Annie showed up for an even rarer cameo appearance,
Then Doc showed up yo see if we could get the kids on line
( in line, even, I hoped your disc would download withouta servor program,
Too early to teel,
It was too late to keep playing
Dinger came back and sent some mental guuards named Bud,hee.,
To make sure i was snug when i got home.
Iwas plenty snug, it was awesome
After a weekor so blue gunghk
This is a freebie, I didn't mean to choke your smoke til later
Hopefully a second wisp will follw...

Grat Love
Padugicality the Lesser

Subject: Out of the Question
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 21:07:31 EDT

Wat a lovely card,
the feeling so appropriate.
Gonna snooze alittle of it up,
try to return this week, or lee...


Subject: To the Best of Debilitation and Other Childhood Stories
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 00:06:20 EDT

A forty oz. jug of repreperspiration...
8.5% thoughtfulness per serving.
On the Lighter side,
I reopened the card.,.
There it welcomed to embosome me

Kind of a "Dudler's Last Stand"

I'd pick abunch,.....or did we...?
Friends like you.,

I imagine mor(s)e moments again
The History of the might have Been ?
Who admits it lay ahead back then...?

20 oz. break...whwewew!

Now, to the plot...

It is a dark and naughty night,
Even the Whippoorwills didn't enjoy it,
And yet no code was sedneld per dime
So few ventured towards the door,
Only Those Not Idiots"""""
Might have made it ,
Bless our Souls
And the Regretful Sub-Slime

The sky broke goddammnn early
Horizonn etching dearer

off to as if everwas,

Subject: What was the question ?
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 22:24:14 EDT

Didn't recogniise you e-cognito,
I liked the accent.
Lose the dress...

Coupla glah days after that nice weekend
Blah, gyagh, nyagaputph !
Slept a bad good twelve or so hours,
Woke up, fed, and took a few hour nap...
Fed, puffed enough to take another nap.

Still have lots to play with on the photon C.D.
But my color ink is getting low again.
I have one backup, and then I'm running on time,
Measured by an ink-bottle.

Just about time to step out and enjoy a birthday buzzard,
May 12th, by the by,
By the way the card made it through postage alright,
Until we recieved it, they wanted 23 cents postage due !
Not a problem... whew!!!

Time to laze and phase for a while,


Subject: A Passing Moment
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 17:52:51 EDT

A second of your time, please?
A penny for my thoughts?
Another shred-me artifact.
The joke that noones caught...

That would be me..! ooh..!

Haven't been up to bogey lately,
Though our friends
Help us through,
And often out.

Now again to posture-pedic land
A feeding via medi-duct,
Need a goat just for all the cans...
Later is Good from this locale...

Subject: Musta been some spaghetti...
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 21:49:02 EDT

I don't know if you dare try twelve on your pixal dial,
that was brilliant enough.

Trying to climb out of a dry-heave gulch.
Friends and family help,
Ishared a bowl of yours with Eddie,
He fixed me up really good for A long termer...

"Bout ready for a bout,
We had a houseful, too, for the RACE...
Lot of accidents,
you can tell they all are on cell-phones.

Have fun in Taxes,
it's a whole somekind of country.

Except for the papal paparazia pizza stuff, nice and quiet

time to return from whence I never came ...

P. Dudley G.

Subject: Improvised Mondays
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 01:25:43 EDT

Sounds good to me if it works out with you.
I'll Take my monthly shower tommorrow,
And eat early on Mon.
Ready to roll...
( Or we can wait for a bowl
And cup of hot coffee.)
A little car-sickness bag and I should be good to go.
I will enjoy spending some time with you again
Into the Smokey Mts. and over the Many Pine Creeks.
Better yet, let's call Mikey
Maybe he'll meet us half way to Eau Claire...
He knows he can stay at my house anytime,
Even worknights, Hah.

I'm still looking at the last batches he unloaded on us...
Not a clue how he did that Portrait in Lights one
It befuckles me big-time.
I'm sure its taken in Mxtpllyx at his old place with Jan,Hence her hat thank you
The same day he took the smoking at the door/wall series,
Either that or I never change shirts, wore her hat all the time,
And look out a lot of windows.

Gonna cool my jets,
this sample goes by the minutes and not just the days, bye, bye
This Bud's for you'se...

Paul Dudley

Subject: How Long Will You Pack Your Bags?
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 02:43:15 EDT

At a loss for words lately,
really short attention span
24/7 nausea...
Pretty good, How 'bout you!?

Off on more photo-ops ,eh?
Send me some snail mail with Pretty Stickers?
Bet they have some wild rockets over there!

Still have to change my color cartridge,
I have one, but would have to stop and think...
I got the stop part down,
I think.

May 12th I go see both my radiologist and chemo doctors.
See if I go on or get zipped up.
Til then it's recess and Poor Paulie don't feel up to playing...

Doc would like to know when you might head back this way,
he sure would like to see you again, too.

Bring your swimming trunks,
I don't like the aftershock lull people have.

Time for smokes and a lawn/porch chair,
Wishing you the best,
Thanks for the great pix

May The Source Be With You


Subject: Dearly Undeparted
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 23:26:56 EDT

Had a little snow this afternoon
The weather kind...
I want Spring,
To see bulbs bursting in air
Dance naked beneath the willows
To make them weep

Trying to picture where those shots were from,
I recognize Eddies Elephant painting and the beer bottles
But not the place

Igot one here from Ding I gotta check out yet,
See ya later
unless you get shanghai'd
Mr. Dugi

Subject: Photogratissatisfactionisatis and Wet-Dreams
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 00:33:39 EDT

Good, that settles that.
Now I have my reserve color and B&w functional
I may have make him a copy, too.

Gonna have to use my Phone-a -Friend on Shanghai,
I just know it's past Brooklyn.

Steve Gilman stopped up Mon. afternoon
Nice quickie.
He's about done studying to be a teacher !
Earth Science, Physics , whatever...
Seems to really like it,
But he's running 24/7 with his printing business besides.

Doc stopped today
With a little help to ease the pain,
We split that 2nd half of the birthday card...
I thought he was a good choice.

Jeff called sat, and talked for most of sat.
It was nice,
like taking one of our slow meandeering walks...

Then I called Eddie, to tell him how much Oly loved him
Then I called Dinger to tell him that I loved him too.
Nice long weekend.

Bev and I are thinking about moving into the apartment below us.
It's smaller,snugger, warmer and on the ground floor...
More I think about it the more I like it,
Have the front yard to play in and burn food on.
A cool dungeon instead of a loft

Well, buddy, Iwant to backtrack a flicker two
Before I'm rezoned...
love and blisses


Subject: Polite Acknowledgement
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 23:10:40 EDT

Just a kind word to say Hello...

That's enough of that

Three days now I haven't wanted to be a Lemming
And just leap into the Mississippi Ocean
The fair weather really helps
Fair weather sailing

Time for pillow-talking to myself

The Wisp

Subject: Spiritual Refornication
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 22:59:13 EDT

That pyramid of hay still blows me away
Where on top of the earth did it come from?
Fuck Crop Circles,
We got a monument embaled !

Got your Obi packed ?
Tie one on for me...

Sometime i'll have to explain the story of
Kenny's Shed...
It could turn out to be quite funny...

Gotta go and go
And then go outside

Love to a Good Home...
Paul dudleygi

Subject: Cream of Mozes Soup
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 00:05:01 EDT

That was another fine stunt you pulled...
Wish I Could hear the music !

Are you packed up and ready to ambassadorate for us ?

Doc and I put a few scenic miles in today,
He had to hang two Camel price signs
at a gas station 5 miles from here,
soI tagged along, hour or so is my max,
So it was just right.
Gonna have apuff and go back to bed,
Still feeling like shit in a sunny dumpster...

Love and etc.


Subject: Who was the masked man on the left?
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 22:37:57 EDT

Had my birthday double Doc-It today
Doc Chemo
And Doc radzap

I was anxious
Ill at ease

Turned out things look good enough to let it sit another month
Then take a stealth peek later.

It kinder came ter the conflusion...
THIS IS as good as it gets

LIghtening storm bye

Subject: Illegal Use of Hands
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 00:04:38 EDT

Verry different approach
Love it

Can't remember who was doing what drugs when
All of the numbered ?

Do you remember a photo of my nephew
Cattching that three-foot rocket,
the look and joy in that face...
I would love to see that again,
For the Summer of Rockets Sessions

For now
Time to land on the Sea of Pusturepedicles

Sweet smoking wisps sent West
Holding my breath til i see you...


Subject: Laxative Behaviour
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 00:48:31 EDT

Been downright lazy the last month or so,
Thought it was the treatments,
It is...

This is as good as it get for now,
Moment to moment
Learning to appreciate what i still have...

And I'm one of the Lucky Ones so far

Glum, glum, now ain't ya glad I don't write anymore ?

You say you were pedaling your ass, again?
I never made much out of it,
In fact it cost me an arm and a leg.

Now that I'm not working,
I may as well not work at home !


Paul Dugi
Crack Investigator
No case too deep

Mystic to the Unenlightened
No questions asked...

Have Book Will Ramble

It's all Greek to me

Oh the options for not working are endless
There are preselected couples
Born every minute !

Getting drowsy
After reading this I imagine you are too
Nightie Midnight

The Soaminator

Subject: Re: The return of Moses
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 00:48:47 EDT

You are always included in plans and dreams.
It would be nice to plan a road trip, or sort of poker run
Go to your houseboat awhile, eddie and Ding's,
some strip joints or something.

It would be nice to come up with a brand new song by then
Just a tease to let him know we still must have something...
I'm sure we do

The docs said this is as good as it gets for now,
Another appt in three weeks or so
Since no urgency at the moment
Blood looks good x-rays looked good
weight staying even...
Just can't keep anything down yet,
Barely beer,
But I try like Hell

I got one more pill to narrow down,
soething makes me really creepy,
and I think it' the Prilosec stuff I'm on for depression
for when I had to quit drinking,
Hell, I'm off the wagon for a while yet,
So I'm not that depressed.
I mean it, really creepy stuff
A bad high altogether.
Your not supposed to quit
Or you'll go High-school Postal
Think I'll try layin' off a couple days,
( All I own is a sword, anyway )

Doc wants some time to see mikey too ,
so maybe a bonfire would be the goodnight gathering

Got one more mail from Moze still in my mail,
( I like to unwind them in order )
so keep in touch

Subject: Tumultuous Anticipation and Bedwetting
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 01:23:03 EDT

Indeed we all yearn for your return
The King of the Optic Ring
Add a dozen more like steve g and steve h
and we'll have a conferance for you to hold

I really do look forward to whatever you can spare
If you don't want all the attention,
You can always break a few hearts
And we'll elope

Any idea at all ? a day ? two ?
One really long day/night ?

Time to torch the porch
this bud's for you

Junior Rocketeer,

Flash Dugi

Subject: Mozes comes down from the mountain
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 00:01:17 EDT

it could be a swell gathering indeed,
get jeff ed ding doc and myself to a wienie roast
For our foreign friend

Have no idea what my condition will be medically
Til right before that
hpefully no worse

should be the right season for outages
Mightn still beat the worst of the bugs

Gotta find out who the little girl is
from that last pic
Maybe ask my mom ?

Bring plenty film, mikey,
we'll all be struttin

time to tuck in almost
Sweet dreams and flight to all

Subject: Whatever the Hell I Say
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 02:14:17 EDT

Hope to find you in good spirits
My day was a keeper, thank you,
Doc stopped up as I awoke
Left me some method-done before
Now again...
Gotta love him.!
Came back after doing his lack of work
And we ended up taking my last computer
Down to Eddie and Deb's
Doc got it setup as far as being able to show him the
PAINT TOOLS ! scarey
I think Eddie will get interested in that
the way it looks
May get another midnight rambler out of the deal
Once he gets on-line

Enough of not sufficient,


Subject: Points of low interest
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 22:58:02 EDT

Where goes my wandering star ?
Quick note before a few held breaths
Gotta change t-shirt,
this one is soaking wet on the side with my tube
I'm leaking beer, literally...

besides, it's hot in here with a coat on

Love to us and any would be-uses...


Subject: time warp and porch travel
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 02:52:23 EDT

Glad to hear you made it home o.k.
I've been in a major powernap mode, lately
getting tiresome

Seems to be a lot of people looking forward to yourcoming
I hope they don't over do too much
I know jeff wants to show off his boat'but eddie has the nicer porch
what will be will be...
Me, i just need a good chair and a spit bucket

That's where I'm heading now,
let the meds put me back to sleep I hope
the creepy creeping legs woke me up...

Won't be long now, i hope

Mr g

Subject: Matters of Uddermost secretiosnouess
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 02:30:47 EDT

Got a nice E-mo from
Talking about heading back to the frigid north
after 19 years in the Texas Beat
Little Jesse from thed shed spread
has grandsons of hers she wants to grandmother.
Misses the old gang
which of course we are now...)

Tried to send her a copy of the shed scene
Seems like it worked
But that might have been only one of my visions

Time for my last bowl
but resins

This month may start making ends catch up
I smell trouble
Never been that lucky

well,well takes what's left


Subject: Disregard for all previous subjects
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 00:47:37 EDT

Very fitting,
Caught me with my pants down again
Apictures worth a thousand words...
What would they be ?

Subject: Pharmacist's Little Friend ?
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 01:07:19 EDT

Whoa ! that one blew a wad from my ink-well !
went to see my mom today then down to eddies
and deb's cozy retreat for a while
reall burnt
Can I talk later ?
Getting past Bev's curfew for me
padugi still rises

Subject: Big Decisions at a Turning Point
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 21:46:55 EDT

29 yrs. is a lot of " Security " to leave behind
That takes courage and consideration
Qualities you are rich in...

At our age many wish to be able
To finally leave the Road behind
While others hope to relive it
It's the secret of youth to find
Often in the blood once tasted
Sight-Seeing For The Blind

But the warmth and security of nestling
Well into the corporate bosom
Beer to be made
For future dreamers
Or behind the wheel delivering
Sharing a dream of your own...

Tough call, little buddy
Take your time

Feeding time
Think Hard Oly
I don't know what I would do
It'll all slip away anyway


Subject: Praise to your Largenecstricity and Other Virtues
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 20:42:35 EDT

Fitting Title, that
Except now I'm wondering where the hell you go
From the middle of a swinging bridge ?
Forward or back, perhaps ?
( Jump...)

Before we begin our feature presentation
A word from our sponsors...

Erectile Construction Products

" We Believe Every Job Should be Hard "

Field Guide to Possible Side-Effects

JOHN DOE: my story


Due to the length of the advertisements
We will only be able broadcast the highlights
Of our program...


Some kind of ship somewhere...
Terrible struggle...
Boy remembers kissing innocent stolen princess...
Unbelieveable monster with a wristwatch
Another kissing scene
Swords held high

A really Rusty Crown
More kissing...
Guns Held high

Bad guy comes back from the dead
Everyone's mad...
Town wants to burn Everyone
Everyone's running mad
Heads held high

( Speed Intermission )

Big battle, more kissing and a possible breast
Natives offer gourds and fishing lures
Big cookout on the scantily clad beach...
One big ain't this swell kiss
Not-quite dead monster lurks
Screams and audiential panic
Spirits high

Here we are again kiss
Ain't we prescious looks
Another ship sails somewhere
With a token majority singing naughty songs
To help the time go by
Let the smoke rise high
Let the smoke rise high

It is Ten O Clock or was and will be
Be careful on your way out...
The popcorn is cold...
But the Moon will be hot...

We hope to come back
Right After We Leave

Time to leave,


So there...

Subject: Group Hug
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 21:28:12 EDT

Wow ! What a turnout !

As long as we are all here...
Let's vote on something,
We have a quorum
Let's make a law
Because we can...

( I think that one's taken )
Anyway, you usually can't pick them
Anymore than a relative...

Your horoscope for today

Beware of pet droppings
Espescially on the floor

Someone really cool could say HI !

Avoid zebras with square-pox

Decisions that must be made are a nuisance

If a path splits into two choices
Take one or return
But get out of the way

Someone you thought you know is in a crowd

Take extra care to the smell of your feet
Only you know where they've been
Gonna free up the phone for a while...

Still dudley

Subject: Re: Saucer Full
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 00:31:50 EDT

I had to print that last one,
Very much in the style I think in too
I notice doc on your list,
So I take it you are in touch ?
He's my last unnopened mail tonight
His subject said tues. ( TODAY/TOMMORROW)
So I wonder if he's going to pop in
Right now it's like a present,
I can't wait to open it
(They are usually short)

Did you get religion on us ?
Are you going to come back and tear down the temple ?
There are so few of us pagans left...

Are they taxing War Bonds yet ?
Not much else left to pick over
Besides Social Security

Gonna check out Doc's Ms. before my clock strikes 24
Honest to God
24 cuckoos at noon and midnight
Then to the Porch
To see if I still pass out after every hit

Your Little Buddy,


the thin man

Subject: Lack of Disposition and Various Body Fluids
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:17:02 EDT

No addition to the Stamp Collection
I have such a nice space for it

Lowered my standards for having a good day
It seems to be working
Or it could be the booze...

Had blood taken for torture today
And another before picture (CT)
Mon. we meet with the General
Though our ammunition and morale are both low

Been getting zingers a lot lately
Gonna burst a bubble after all this trouble?
Still, I try again
Through off-sale eyes with immovable lids insects gather in the passing

Got a little more ground to cover tonight

Your time is up ..
For an additional 5 mins please insert
Five Dollars American


Subject: Short and sweet
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 00:01:29 EDT

Those were nice
Even I can stay awake that long
Getting ready for a late night smoke
Let the painkiller pretend

Any more ideas on coming back ?
Those snow clouds are starting to billow
The sun is lengthening
Heh,heh, heh...

Sleeping pill calling me
I best not keep it waiting


Subject: Big bash at Mike's Expence
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 01:53:00 EDT

When.. ? Mon. the 27th or thereabouts ,more or less, as of now for the moment

Where.? We'll let Eddie and Deb decide

Why.? Because we're all old enough to enjoy it

Who Says.? Who asks ?

Everyday costume contest

Skinny-dipping Hour
(bring your own swimwear or goggles)

Food will be provided by poverty stricken nations...No TIPS please

$.99 Gal.

Feed the wildlife as it feeds on you
Explore the world even verminologists ignore
Talk to the animals as if they cared

Cozy up to the Fire
(Need Fire-Ring Bracelet)
Dance naked to soothe the Gods who might have come late
#-3D Blinderes not incl.
Roast Marshmallows and other body parts

Fly, swim or steal a car
(Handcuffs not incl.)

See the disappearing pigeon
Something to tell the generations ahead about
No Passengers allowed

Experimental Drug Race @ Sundown
(please submit entries by the day after)

Classes in car recognition, theft and lawyers fees

Fun for the whole family over forty-five

Send blank check ( Prices will vary) to:

Man with the Pink Carnation

Subject: Goodnight Greetings
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 23:14:17 EDT

Got those stamps today
Fastened onto one already
May have my next treatments
In time to kill my party
But am sure I could tag along with the best
Can't let it go up in smoke without me...

Back to the porch
In good rememberance of you...
Let the spirits be wafted

Fudley Dud

Subject: High Hopes for Monday
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 01:01:47 EDT

Watching my pug for a moment there...
Put her tennis ball inside the pillow case
Doesn't take much to confuse her
And make her happy

Went back to Mr. Goodwrench for about the fourth time in a week
Feeding tube in my stomach
Started feeding on me
Acid eating my skin
Been a wreck for quite a while
Last chance patch-up today
If this doesn't work may need big surgery
Go back (best case) Mon.

Tues. I start a new, more agressive Chemo
So I may Have to make it an early mon.
Take it from there...

Nice picture Mikey,
Looks like you got the best seat in the house
Quite a large gathering
People with one focus ?

Glad to hear your still on the way
Sure loved your card
Timing couldn't have been better

Foaming at the mouth
Time to hit the porch...

Dog starting to yap in frustration

Love it all


Subject: Just about hollerin' distance
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 00:46:06 EDT

I'll be home polishing the spittoon
Give me a yell and squeal
un. night might be better yet
Family gathering of our own Sat aft.
May go for a short spell

Gonna go back outside and let the Meds gurgle
Blessed be thy Bowl...



Subject: Got-to-Gether
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 01:49:45 EDT

That did turn out to be a nice Hi-di-ho
(what I remember)
Felt a bit like dudley schiavo there
But the attendance counted as an
Out of the house expereience
Looks good on the record

New treatment seems in control
Hope it stays like this til the next go-round in 3 wks.

Time for sleeping aids
Back sucks from laying around
Viscous circle

Forgot all the good stuff


Subject: Slow answers to old questions
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 00:28:45 EDT

Finally getting around to my mail
Been run into the ground on this new treatment
I knew if it came in like a lamb
I was lion food
Pretty pathetic when they fight over the first course
And that's the scraps

The 19th should start round two
Of the Killer Kowalski teatment, jeff
Let's see about that cruise package then

We were all waiting for your cell call when you reached Wildcat
we had you covered
But you might have had to wait to stand in line for the speakers platform
We had some well known speakers that night
But it all ebbed and flowed quite civilly
I enjoyed my waking portion of it
But had to sleep on low meds
toss and squirm
I like my little bed with the syringes

Later to come
Buddy of buddies

Subject: New antiques
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 00:49:12 EDT

Yes that was a nice abuzz
(Oly, Doc and Dudley sounds more like
The three ODD Men)

Being grabbed by the balls and told
Think about it while you can
Has it's advantages
I didn't get to wait til most have pastaway
before i got the picture
What we were was it,
Hopefully with alittle kicker left
for kicks
If it wasn't for this clan that coalesced
I'd be on my porch with little left to thank of
Besides old birthdays
(How many of them I ignored!)

Hoping for at least one more upsurge before this frizzling
Sizzling misty fog blankets my naptime
Out of smoke
But nice order on the way
Check's in the mail ?

Time for a store smoke til then,
Be back in a few minutes
( I saw more mail Waiting)

Your little Bushman FRiend on his walkabout

Subject: Updated past
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 01:21:14 EDT

Yes, as of late I am at
And these have been getting through
I thought beccause I had slacked off for a while
(with everyone, mailwise) that maybe you didn't want to play no more !
Laid low over the fourth, so I didn't get your messages on time
I really got knocked out with this latest stuff
Can't hold my head upright for very long
And am sick to death of laying down all the time
TV doesn't cut it, books tire the eyes
Hoping to land on a goodly stash pretty soon
That at least helps translate the indifference into a form of "Good Enough"

The beer goes down so slow
I actually shoot up a shot of booze once in a while
That tube sure can come in handy

Once in a blue moon I feel okay
If I don't move
But that ain't quality living
Long ways to go before we even find out if it was all worth it...

You'll be there, i hope
When /if I get to throw a lifewarming party


Subject: Up at Nightfall
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 01:50:34 EDT

Bad part about saving you for last allt he time
Is by now I'm pretty well burnt
Had a couple from Joyce I replied to
Some belated ones from Jeff
LIke to keep him on-line

Ooh, just killed a false mosquoito, bad disguise

New stuff starting to rough me up
Got order out for under the counter meds, but may still take a while
May be able to stock up for a while soon
That will help
When all else fails it helps the sandman outTry to catch up to you
tomorrow or some preprocrastinatory time
Pretty whipped


Subject: As the sand settles
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 02:08:59 EDT

I saw the 6/15 date on the bar, but couldn't get tit to do anything

Just got lost in my screen-saver
I have it do a slide show of your pictures
Pretty darn cool

Oly and Doc each talked independently
About coming out to see you,
I'm trying to get them totalk together
and could be more practical

Dozing off
to the porch
For one last or two

Crocoshit Dudley

Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2005 12:31 AM
Subject: Re: Faith given new rebirth, under Cypress, incensed flames...

What a beautiful present this was
waiting in my eee-box!

If you are serious about jounting off to mike's
I would talk to Doc,
He had just mentioned wanting to go out there too
He's anexcellent travelling companion
Very practical, experienced and economical !

(And a lot of fun)

For me,
another view off the bow is good enough
Wish they could straighten out my breathing tube
It's slowing down the swill

Liked the story about john and Becky
Heartens the spirits...

best buddie-boos

Paul ( Peaches ) Dudley

Subject: Fw: Faith given new rebirth, under Cypress, incensed flames...
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 01:22:07 -0500

At this stage it is very much an impossible dream
Even flying would be out
I would only slow if not stop all the activity that would make it worthwhile
At the present am living hour to hour, not day to day
Checking my mail right now to kill the next half hour before mymeds

It would be a grat trip, but not for me
Even a trip to your boat or to Eddie's is a major event
and I pay the price, sometimes for days
You and Doc would be perfect
Not too great a strain on Mike all at once
You're all mobile and could get out of the house and do stuff
I would just tie up the bathroom...
Sent your message to Mike so he knows whats brewing

Luck and love

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 12:03 AM
Subject: Water Over the Bridge

Sounds like you got people starting to migrate West again
My porch is still the Final Frontier as you may have noticed
I'd love the trip but can't do it
Still, maybe in some distant future

Eddie must have been amazingly fast to catch that roadrunner
Things so fast the legs are still moving in the picture

Got something here from Ding to check out
Later ok?

the dudman

Subject: Re: Faith given new rebirth, under Cypress, incensed flames...
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 04:34:24 EDT

Doc fails the Williamette one
Don't forget the quiz later

The photo reminds me of the
Spartan Dwelling of the Trojan Horse

So now they got a Sturgis for old hippie buses, eh?
Might have enjoyed a stroll around there

Bev finally came out (3:30) to put the kids toys to sleep
may cut down on the number of sheep I have to endure

Found out today the new owners of our building
Heard we had wanted the vacant apt downstairs
It's smaller with no hills to climb
They knocked down the 2o bucks they were going to jack it up
In trade for ours, which they ccould easily make into a 3 bdrm
Hopefully we'll all be happy
more mail to catch up on
One from fred?
I see you again later so I'll let you know


Subject: The Buzz
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 06:48:50 EDT

Jeff, i hope things work out with you and Ben
Believe me my spirit will be in Oreygun too

Had the latest bodywork done on this old '53 Padugi
They checked the fluids,ranges normal
X_ray to look for dry-rot isuppose
all swell enough to take the second round of this elixer
Had a different doctor to cover mine's vacation
Excellent ! He almost immediately reckognised the pain
(This new stuff got pretty bad)
Said "we can do something about that !
So tomorrow I can fill my prescription for morphine
Had a couple of tastes again during the Chemo
Sweet, blessed calm...
Plus he said to keep my Hyrdrocodone around
For times "As NEEDED"
I can't drink anything down the throat at all
Not even water, so beer is back out
But without that fluid gurgling out my side
I find I can hold my breath longer for better reasons

Looking forward to getting a dumpster to play with
At least moving downhill gravity's on our side this time
That's right, forgot to tell some of you of the big move
We're gonna take the place right below our current one
Forget climbing those steps!
Have to make a new loking room in the basement

Time for the blessings of the porch
I see it' already dawn
Been a while when I haven't not hurt for a while,
Time to enjoy....


Subject: The forwarded poem
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:17:18 EDT

Such lust and vigor in confusion
Perhaps a present or misplaced illusion

I didn't even print that one
For dearthly fear

Got our dumpster ready dump
But I can't play on it unless there's a grownup around

Clearing this off
Don't know when they might move it



Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 19:08:34 EDT

a QUICKIe as iwiat from the HOSPISE
SSCARE,wED,dON'TWANT TO GO THROUGH THATAGA i Hanving trouble with machine,mytry later

LOve to all i

Paul Dudley Gittens

GALESVILLE, Wis. — Paul Dudley Gittens, 52, of Galesville, died Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005, at his home after a year long battle with cancer.

He was born May 12, 1953, in La Crosse, to Edward and Bernice (Colbert) Gittens. He graduated in 1971 from La Crescent High School, La Crescent, Minn. On May 14, 1988, he married Beverly Ruth Stensgard in La Crescent. For the past 18 years, he and his wife, Bev, resided in Galesville. Until his health failed, Paul had been employed at TRW of Galesville.

Survivors are his wife, Beverly of Galesville; his mother, Bernice of La Crescent; two step-sons, Tony (Christine) Hanson of Farmington, Wis., Sean (and friend Sam Camling) Hanson of La Crosse; two step-daughters, Kelly (Tom) Grabowenski of Holmen, Wis., Kari (Guy) Thill of Galesville; six step-grandchildren, Jamie, Amanda, Ashley and Austin Hanson, Troy Grabowenski, Riley Thill; four sisters, Stephanie (James) Waldow of Lanesboro, Minn., Ann Gittens of La Crescent, Barbara (Ray) Bolanos of Seattle, Wash., Patricia (Dick) Beach of Dakota, Minn.; and four brothers, Thomas (Kim) of Hokah, Minn., Daniel, Edward (Debbie), both of Reno, Minn., Charles (Jessica) of La Crescent.

Paul will be missed by his many nieces and nephews and will always be remembered as the uncle with all the cool toys.

Paul was preceded in death by his grandparents and will rejoin his father and a small flock of Angels from his family.

Services will be 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9, from Zwickey Funeral Homes, Galesville Chapel.

“Paul touched countless friends and family with his life and music.”

Bonus Short Subject!