April Fools
Table of Contents

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Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

What is April Fools?
History and Background

Things to Buy & Miscellany:
pages i to xii

National Geographic Photographic Requirements:
(pamphlet) sides 1 - 4

Book 1:
Front Cover

Mexico Notes:
Pages 1 - 3

Packing Notes:
Pages 4 - 6

Duluth to Miami

Chapter 1
San Andres Island, Cartagena

Chapter 2
San Jacinto, "The Farm", Bello

Chapter 3
(No Photographs) To Bogota, Bogota

Chapter 4
Neiva, To San Agustin

Chapter 5
San Agustin

Chapter 6
To Tierradentro, Tierradentro, Silvia

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Park Puracé, Popayan, Pasto

Chapter 9
Lago la Cocha, Pasto

Chapter 10
(No Photographs) To Quito, Quito, to Galapagos

Chapter 11
Galapagos Part 1

Chapter 12
Galapagos Part 2

Chapter 13
Galapagos Part 3

Book 2
Front Cover

Chapter 14

Chapter 15
Otavalo Part 1

Chapter 16
Otavalo Part 2, Mojandas Hike, to Quito

Chapter 17

Chapter 18
Holidays in Baños, Saquisili Market

Chapter 19
Mishualli, and the Rio Napo

Chapter 20
Baños, and the Heights of Tungurahua

Chapter 21
San Pedro, Quilotoa, Portraits in Baños

Chapter 22
Riobamba, Train to Ingapirca

Book 3
Front Cover

Chapter 23
Ruins of Ingapirca, Cuenca, to the Border

Chapter 24
Bus to Lima, Lima, Archeological Museum

Chapter 25
Arequipa, Train to Puno, Bus to Bolivia

Chapter 26
LaPaz, Valley of the Moon, Tooth of the Devil

Chapter 27
To Oruro, Carnival

Chapter 28
Lake Uru Uru, Chalya Day, Oruro Mine, To Cochabamba

Chapter 29
Interlude in Cochabamba, To Sucre, Sucre Part 1

Chapter 30
Native Festival in Tarabuco

Chapter 31
Sucre Part 2

Chapter 32

Chapter 33
Camargo, to Tarija

Chapter 34
Tarija, to Cochabamba

Chapter 35

Chapter 36
Daze in Cochabamba

Chapter 37

Chapter 38
Ruminations, Connections, and Farewells

Book 3
End Pages, Back Cover, "Scraps"

N's Letter #1
La Paz

N's Letter #2
"The Fool on the Hill"

Leslie's Letter
Coroico and Beyond

Greg's Letter
Macchu Picchu

Appendix I: Recent Maps

Colombia, Ecuador & Baños, Peru, Bolivia

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